awhile back i did some LO’s on my new house. (45 and first one) well i didn’t want to jinx anything so didn’t talk about it anymore. we didn’t get the land in the LO but did find another and just yesterday we CLOSED!!!! it is all ours. the house should be up and ready to move in by the end of the month

of course being a scrapper i had to take photos of the event but have NOT made a LO yet but wanted to share the photos and some explanations teehee! (and btw, this closing was the biggest pain in the butt that i cried so much u’d think i had no tears left) so without further ado here come the photos (and i’ll do a LO later i promise)
this is where i forced my son to PRETEND to be interested (youngest and 21)

here DH signing final papers while son is off in never never land! while my son sleeps through the excitment

and this is it IT’S FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so next we went to the property and this is where part of the ugly comes in we all had to do a bit of dancing

here’s the ugly

this was after the boys had to pee on the new land

this will be the view looking out our front window

Ground Breaking!

Ok so let me start off by saying mostly i’m just showing pics for now. couple reasons, too much to do and not enuff time, and when this is all over i want to find the perfect kit and do a small book of our adventure into our new home. but i won’t make u wait cuz u know with me there’s always something

today was the first day of work on the land. (foundation will be up wed!!) we met with the contractors and everyone involved to decide where the house should be. NOW the owner of the company had already marked the spot and i had already discussed in very nice terms that where he picked SUCKED! now we do know we have to follow certain restrictions since it’s a modular home and we have to follow certain company rules which is how we got such a great interest rate in this economy. (some things i WILL be changing after inspection though )

so our first picture shows dh, the guys, and our lil woofer deciding where the house should go. BTW, contractor told the owner same thing i did, it was a stupid place and by his plans u’d walk out the house and run into the ONLY real tree on the property. (ok we have 3 more acres of huge woods but the house area) all the men kept telling me it wasn’t feasible where i wanted the house….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it’s exactly where i wanted it and after doing more checking it was the best place to put it hehehe by the way woofer did help as well. he “marked” the four post for them. (i guess that way if one fell over they would know where it belonged )

next one is just the dozer getting ready to do it’s thing

and the last one is the first bit of ground being broke and ready to flatten

property where house will be is a bit less than an acre but the other 3 are deep woulds with trails and dear and all sorts of stuff

of course i’ll keep u updated since we still need an address…a mailbox… omg soooooo much and about 10 days to get it all done by

today they started the foundation and if the weather behaves it will be done tomorrow. New photos then :)

Mon Sept 21

well we didn’t go by the property yesterday because well it was just the next day and it’s a bit of a drive and we didn’t have the time or gas and DH drives by it everyday when he works so we new we could wait til today. I really only have one (new) photo for you today for a couple reasons. major one is that i’m the photographer in the house NOT dh and he has no idea how to take photos, and it was dark and his camera isn’t as good as mine. (sending him with mine tomorrow) but he did stop by this morning and the footers were already finished. that’s the new photo. but i’m showing a repeat photo because the construction had asked us if we’d like to have him clear the underbrush so u could see the woods and i had to show u the comparison. OMG!!!

This is MON

and this was at 6:30 amWED!!!

it is even more beautiful than i thought!!!when it’s all done our deck (which won’t be fully completed til spring and will have my above ground pool that’s been in the garage for 3 yrs ) will actually sit at the very edge of those woods

as for the ones this evening when it was dark and u couldn’t see, out home is THERE!!!!! it gets put on it’s stilts or whatever they r called TOMORROW! FRI (only cuz dh isn’t off til then we will have our address, water turned on and electricty attatched to house!!!!)

and i told my family they can all take 3 outfits, 1 set of work clothes, 1 pair of shoes, and only a few dishes so it never gets dirty


well we got water and electricity taken care of and we have an address. the septic tank and the a/c unit will also be done today. we may be off on getting the keys until thurs or fri (not sure maybe still wed) but that is actually okay since we won’t have the help moving until the weekend and then it gives us an extra month before we have to make a payment so anyway here’s the photos, i’m in shock!

and behind the house

Thurs. Oct. 1

well we went out to the house yesterday to move some things over and when we pulled up it just looked beautiful! of course landscaping hasn’t been done at all and that doesn’t look good but that will be coming in the next few days.
so here are some photos of the finished HOUSE part

so now comes the bump or should i say bumps and boulders in the road. when they put the house back together they did a horrible horrible job. i’m afraid the house is not level and praying that is not the case. there are cracks in the ceiling, all the trim is up improperly, doors are hung incorrectly, wall panels OMG honestly i can’t name all the issues on the inside. now it is liveable while they fix it IF the house is level. everything WILL be fixed but now i have to deal with workers under my feet while i get my house together and they have a great tendency to leave construction dust all over my house along with alot of other dirt and grime. i’m so mad its not even funny. yes that got it up quickly but at a cost of stress to me to deal with even more crap. but when it’s all done it will be a wonderful home that i can’t wait to be settled in to.


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